Raves and Reviews

Michele served as a Technical Trainer as part of the Education Technology Support Services Team. Her knowledge and expertise were pivotal in ensuring our staff and faculty successfully migrated to SharePoint Online and to OneDrive.

She is a very quick learner. She went from novice to SharePoint Expert in only a few weeks. Two months later, she did the very same with OneDrive. She is a natural communicator.

I was continually impressed with not only her master of the content, but also the ease in which she presented it. She creates creative and visual presentations.

Michele trained not only our students, staff, and faculty, but also our Helpdesk Technicians with very positive reviews. She is very personable and gets along with everyone that she meets. She demonstrates empathy to her customers and can be counted on to provide great customer service.

Michele is a good project manager. She is the kind of person to whom you can give a project and trust that it will be accomplished properly and on-time.

Michele was always enthusiastic, proficient, and eager to try new things.  Michele is a natural.  She facilitated new hire classes and upskills with compassion and empathy.  She is also a great team player and co-facilitator. 

In addition to training, Michele added so much depth in her skills as an instructional designer, culture ambassador, and process improver.  Her top priorities were building employee knowledge and wellbeing, and this was showcased every day by Michele. 

“Michele is an asset to the company. I love her style of training, always prepared with her information, has very informative, pleasant personality, makes learning fun!”

“Michele is approachable with questions. I have worked for other companies and I must say some instructors are good, some are mediocre, some are ok, some are terrible. Michele is one of the BEST! Heck, I hope we have more trainings just so we can be instructed by her! A+++++”