To whom it may concern.

I’ve retired after working 14 years as the IT Manager for the City of Sand City Police Department.
Relocating to Western New York put me a great distance from my family and especially my mother.
I am dependent on my ability to communicate with her from so far away.
It took me 8 years to get her accustomed to and comfortable with e-mail, skype and messaging.
Needless to say, “user error” 3000 miles away leads to communication problems.

I have come to rely on the intuitive IT skills and interpersonal social skills (not common with us IT types) to interpret the needs of my 80-year-old mothers computer errors. She never fails to meet the technical challenges while building the confidence of a client who faces a technological curve.

I’m still certain that Michèle’s motives might lean more towards the ginger cookies and fresh squeezed lemon-aid that I dearly miss.

I appreciate her skills on all levels.

Tim McFaddan