Personal and Professional Character Reference of Michele Marchese.

I first met Michele while attending Carmel High school in 1982. She was friendly and outgoing. After High School there was a hiatus of our friendship, while we attended college and got started on Careers.
I linked up with Michele again in 2008. During that period of time I began a career in law enforcement.

Over the past several years, I have called on Michele for her computer expertise. I observed Michele, to follow instructions precisely. Even if those instructions were vague in nature, i.e.: Fix the computer!
One of a law enforcement officer’s keys to survival, is to recognize assets. Michele is truly an asset.

Michele thrives in contemporary, fast paced, deadline orientated environments.
In my personal and professional opinion, Michele is quiet simply a pleasure to work with.
I will fully and wholeheartedly recommend Michele to a prospective employer.

Respectfully, John C Baird