I’ve known Michèle Marchese for over 20 years.

Michèle was a coworker with me, initially, at Progressive.  I gained understanding of my job from her, and used her as a reference many times! She has a clear, concise, and easily understood way of communicating with people.  It was always just one time, of her explaining something, and I got it!

As our relationship at Progressive was strengthened, she asked me to join her Notary business.  I was thrilled when she took me under her wing, and helped me with my Notary questions and certification process!

We have remained friends throughout our professional and work relationship.  She is still one that I lean on for help, especially when it comes to computers!

Whenever I have issues, she is readily willing and capable, to help me resolve them!! I follow her business pages to become aware of any changes or scams that could affect me.

I value Michèle’s knowledge, friendship, and availability.


Kerry Smith –
Notary Public, Nursing Student, Customer Service Representitive
11009 Gingerwood Way
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670